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Research & Compliance     


Research & Compliance

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ARI Executive Committee

ARI member credit unions submit topics for high-quality, unbiased research on issues affecting the future of credit unions. The ARI's Executive Committee determines the priorities of projects, and finds qualified researchers to conduct the studies.

Members of the 2012 ARI Executive Committee

  • Roger Ballard, NuVision FCU (Chairman)
  • John Cassidy, Sierra Central CU
  • Erin Mendez, SchoolsFirst FCU
  • Gary Perez, USC CU
  • Jane Wood, Wescom CU
  • Diana Dykstra, CCUL/NCUL
  • Stan Hollen/Kim Hester, CO-OP Financial Services
  • Tony Boutelle/Joe Greenwald, CU Direct Corp
  • Jeff Ramos, CUNA Mutual Group (ex-officio)
Current 2012 ARI Members

There are currently 22 credit unions and five organizations, representing the states of Arizona, California, Nevada, and Oregon, in the ARI membership.

  • American First CU
  • BECU
  • California CU
  • California/Nevada CU Leagues
  • CoastHills FCU
  • CO-OP Financial Services
  • CU Direct Corp
  • CUNA Mutual Group
  • Fairview CU
  • First City CU
  • Honda FCU
  • Kinecta FCU
  • LBS Financial CU
  • NuVision FCU
  • Pacific Service CU
  • Paradise Valley FCU
  • Patelco CU
  • Premier America CU
  • San Mateo CU
  • Schools Financial CU
  • SchoolsFirst FCU
  • Sierra Central CU
  • Star One CU
  • Travis CU
  • USC CU
  • Wescom CU