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Credit Union Employment at Your Fingertips
CU Connections assists credit unions in finding qualified job applicants for their open positions, and assists individuals seeking to further their credit union careers, thereby strengthening professionalism within the movement.
Employment Opportunities

The fastest and easiest way to connect to job listings online is through our searchable database. A few quick choices will provide credit union employment results from a variety of locations and positions.

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If you are experiencing trouble with CU Connections or you want to make a correction, please contact Davina Law at 800-472-1702, ext. 6005.

Post New CU Connections Ads

Ads are accepted from any credit union as well as any vendor to credit unions including, but certainly not limited to, individuals seeking different employment, credit unions seeking to fill positions, employment/search firms seeking to fill credit union positions, vendors seeking to fill positions, and even the trade press.

Advertise in CU Connections

• CA/NV League member CUs —$75.00 per ad up to 250 words.
• CA/NV Affiliates —$100 per ad up to 250 words.
• Members of other CU Leagues/Assoc $125 per ad up to 250 words.
• Non-League member CUs—$150 per ad up to 250 words.
• Vendors, suppliers, employment agencies, and search firms—$300 per ad up to 250 words.

Ads with more than one position title in the body will be individually placed and billed accordingly.