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Issue Date  06/24/13
Area  Southern CA
Type  Finance
Company  Fiscal Credit Union
Job Description  Reports to CEO. Directs financial affairs of $139MM CU/ w/8 staff through 2 direct reports. Accounting Degree/7+ years managing accounting/finance department in financial institution. Strong analytical ability: product, loss, forecasting, projections, cost improvement /reduction. Forecasting/Projections expertise. Budget management. Strong knowledge of FASB, GAAP, etc. Manages Investment Portfolio. Board involvement/reporting. Credit Risk Management. Audit reporting/compliance. Community/business development exposure. Knowledge of Pricing Strategies & Programs/Non-Interest Income Strategies & Programs/ Efficiency Strategies & Programs. Strong communication/presentation skills. CPA/CMA or MBA and credit union experience preferred. Please send resume to searcher21@verizon.net.
Contact Information  310 East Colorado Street, Suite 200
Glendale, CA 91205
email: Searcher21@verizon.net
Website: www.fiscal.org
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