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Issue Date  07/26/13
Area  Southern CA
Type  Lending
Company  Western Federal Credit Union
Job Description  Western Federal Credit Union is seeking an experienced, ambitious, and highly motivated Real Estate Servicing Supervisor, to assist with the efficient and accurate, day to day operations, administration and supervision of the overall operations of the Real Estate Servicing Operations. This includes reviewing and recommending operational revisions to procedures, to maintain consistent delivery of Superior Member Service, enhancing department effectiveness and efficiency, and assisting in achievement of monthly & annual performance and production goals and objectives, planning, directing, organizing and production reporting. Requirements include a minimum of two years supervisory level experience, as well as three to four years of loan processing and/or underwriting experience, preferably in a financial institution, as well as a comprehensive knowledge of real estate laws and regulations. To apply, please visit www.western.org.
Contact Information  14500 Aviation
PO Box 10018
Manhattan Beach, CA 90267
Website: www.western.org
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