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Issue Date  07/29/13
Area  Southern CA
Type  Lending
Company  Western Federal Credit Union
Job Description  Western is seeking an Assistant Vice-President of Lending to oversee all areas of lending operations including the development and implementation of effective Lending planning.
-Ensuring lending operations are compliant with policies, regulations and laws
-Developing policies and procedures
-Ensuring that lending activities result in maximum volume and appropriate profit
-Recommending and implementing changes in operations that project improvements in quality and diversity of products to members
-Executing funding goals and coordinating their implementation
-Increasing improvements in service delivery by recommending and implementing changes
-Collaborating with senior management to successfully achieve operational goals and assist with long and short-term planning
-Developing a total lending strategy
-Collaborating for the development of the strategic plan to increase business through ongoing market expansions
-Generating sales growth in branches by consistently setting loan activities
-Seeking ways to use first-hand member information to improve loan products
-Effectively guiding personnel and ensuring optimal performance
-Ensuring that professional business relationships are established and maintained with members, vendors, and other departments
-Bachelor’s degree in finance or similar
-Minimum of 7 years of progressive lending experience in a management role
-Experience presenting and working with Executive Management and Regulators
-Knowledge of loan products and applicable policies and standards in consumer lending and Real Estate lending
-Coaching/leadership/management experience within past 3 years
-Ability to lead team to meet performance goals

Excellent benefits on date of hire. Apply at www.western.org
Contact Information  10018
Manhattan Beach, CA 90267
Website: www.western.org
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