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Education & Training     

Education & Training

Enhancing Your Personal Development
Professional Solutions

Strategic Planning
In today's changing environment, your credit union’s strategic plan must set realistic goals and objectives, ensure accountability, and allow for flexibility. We'll help you develop a comprehensive, customized strategic plan that’s ready for implementation.

Customized Workshops
Would you like a third-party voice to help build team morale—perhaps regarding a new project or strategy? Need outside help for a group discussion of a sensitive issue? The Leagues' facilitators can help plan and present an interactive session that fits your needs and objectives.

Focus Groups
Looking for feedback from your members or staff? A skilled, objective facilitator can help ensure more open and candid input. We can provide facilitation services tailored to your specific project needs at a competitive price.

For information, please contact Mark Klinkert at 800-472-1702 ext. 6002 or markk@ccul.org.