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Exhibitor and Sponsor Information

CU Weekly is the primary touch point for reaching the Leagues’ member credit unions, offering three prime ad spaces every week. For CU Weekly ad rates, specifications, and deadlines, see our
 Media Kit.

Convention/Event Sponsorships
A variety of sponsorships for every budget. Your sponsorship is reinforced with verbal recognition, conference event signage, and website and program acknowledgment. New brochure back-cover ads and convention web application ads are also available. Call 800-472-1702, ext. 6039 for deadlines and rates; see our Media Kit for specifications.

Seminar Sponsorships
Each year, League seminars draw hundreds of credit union professionals and volunteers. Make a powerful impression for your brand by sponsoring these face-to-face educational experiences. For more details, specifications, and deadlines, see our Media Kit.

Web Advertising
Our members know the Leagues' website is the convenient place for news, exclusive content, event registration, and more. Our web advertising options can boost brand awareness and drive traffic to your site. For more details, specifications, and deadlines, see our Media Kit.

Education and Training eNewsletter Sponsorships
Sponsor issues of our new, weekly Education and Training eNewsletter. The eBlast features upcoming webinars, seminars, and conference promotions, and is one of the two primary eBlasts regularly sent to League members. Limited to one sponsorship per issue. For rates, deadlines, and specifications, see our Media Kit.