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Enhancing Your Personal Development
eTrain Live Webinars Calendar08/31/2014
Sep. 03 eTrain: Basics of Automated Clearing House (ACH) Transactions
Sep. 04 eTrain: Understanding the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF)
Sep. 09 eTrain: Eight Techniques for Successful Networking
Sep. 10 eTrain: ACH Exceptions, Government Payments, & Deceased Account Holders
Sep. 11 eTrain: Establishing a Code of Ethics for Volunteers
Sep. 17 eTrain: ACH Risks for Business
Sep. 24 eTrain: Plastic Card Fraud & EMV
Oct. 01 eTrain: Regulation CC, D & E Compliance
Oct. 08 eTrain: Counterfeit Checks, Cash, & Forgeries
Nov. 06 eTrain: Blowing the Doors Off Business Development
Nov. 12 eTrain: Protecting Your Database from Hackers
Nov. 13 eTrain: Power of Attorney
Nov. 18 eTrain: IRS Reporting Requirements
Nov. 19 eTrain: Developing Your Robbery Prevention, Response, & Aftermath Training
Nov. 20 eTrain: Sexual Harassment Awareness & Prevention
Dec. 03 eTrain: Real Estate Loan Review & Audit Procedures
Dec. 09 eTrain: The Legal Aspects of Social Media
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