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Arnold Ramirez, Research and Information Consultant for the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues

updated 07/15/13 08:28 AM
Review Your CU's Policy
Although an employee’s “harmless” venting via social media could potentially damage the reputation or credibility of an employer, California law now prevents employers from asking to require access to an employee or job applicant’s personal social media accounts.

Social media is still very much in its nascent stage. The rules of etiquette and law have only begun to be established, and it’s anyone’s guess how rights and laws established long before the advent of social media will be applied and what new laws will come forth.

One new law, California Labor Code Section 980, came into effect Jan. 1. It prohibits employers in California from asking employees or job applicants to provide access to their personal social media accounts.

Credit unions should review their policies on social media and human resources to make sure they comply with this new law’s provisions.

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