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updated 07/01/14 09:38 AM
Heads to CA Senate Floor
California Assembly Bill (AB) 1710 cleared the Senate Judiciary Committee last week on a 5-2 partisan vote—a bill that was discussed during the California Credit Union League’s 2014 Government Relations Rally (GRR) in Sacramento earlier this year.

AB 1710 addresses card data breach notification and protection of personal privacy. The bill would partially shift the requirement to notify consumers from the “owner” of the data—which is the financial institution in most cases—to the entity which actually experienced the breach.

This change in law would help clarify for consumers where their financial data was actually breached.

The League’s government affairs team has worked to minimize the negative impact of this legislation on credit unions and enhance the information disclosed in notifications to consumers through the amendments process.

“We believe the remaining issues with the bill can be remedied through additional minor amendments, and we continue to work with the author,” said Diana Dykstra, president and CEO of the Leagues. “We appreciate the continued support of credit unions in our advocacy efforts."

AB 1710 now heads to the California Senate floor, where the League anticipates it will be heard in August.

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