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updated 01/30/13 09:22 AM
ICUL Offers Balance Transfer Promotion
As consumers receive their credit card statements from big banks and store cards after a strong holiday shopping season, this time of year provides a great opportunity to increase your credit union's outstanding credit card loan balances and generate additional revenue.

Your credit union can take advantage of this period by offering members an attractive balance transfer rate.

If your credit union is interested in running a Balance Transfer Promotion, let ICUL Service Corp. know today! Promotions take a minimum of 30 days to implement and are no cost to your credit union.

Our team will setup your promotion, track its performance, and report back to you with a Performance Report Card at the end of the promotion.

If you are interested in purchasing marketing materials to assist in promoting your balance transfer offering, ICUL Service Corp. has designed two unique Balance Transfer themes for you to choose from.

For those interested, call 1.800.304.2273.

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