updated 05/24/13 02:42 PM
Video Gives Useful Tips
Did you know the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) has posted a helpful five-minute video for credit unions on how to write effective comment letters to the agency?
Whether your credit union supports or opposes a proposed rule, it's important your voice is heard—and it's important your comments are written effectively. Click here to view NCUA's video, hosted by Chairman Debbie Matz.
Tips for Writing a Comment Letter
  • Read the proposed rule and comments from other credit unions. Decide if you support or oppose the rule, and consider the unintended consequences.
  • Make an impact by telling your credit union's story. When opposing a proposed rule, let the regulator know your reasons why, and describe the affect the rule would have on your members, your credit union, or the credit union movement.
  • Consider whether the agency has good, solid justification for its proposed rule/amendment. If justification exists, suggest alternative solutions that mitigate the impact while allowing the agency to reach its objective.
  • If your credit union supports a rule, let the agency know this, too. Everyone likes positive feedback from time to time, and you’ll help foster goodwill for when you do need to object to a rule.
Remember to use PowerComment to submit your comment letter. PowerComment is a free regulatory advocacy service available to all California and Nevada credit unions. Register at PowerComment, or contact Leagues Vice President of Regulatory Advocacy Sharon Lindeman at 909-212-6063 or sharonl@ccul.org!
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