updated 11/05/13 09:21 AM
Congresswoman Recognizes CUs
Last week the House Judiciary Committee held a hearing on H.R. 3309, the “Innovation Act,” which would improve the patent system to promote American innovation and competitiveness legislation offered by Reps. Judy Chu, D-CA, and Darrell Issa, R-CA.
Rep. Judy Chu, D-CA
While introducing her legislation, Chu expressed concern about patent troll abuses and their effects on local institutions, including the credit unions in her district. In her statement, Chu formally recognized how abuses in the current system forced "local credit unions in Southern California… to settle in a lawsuit over features on their websites."
Three weeks ago, while the federal government was shut down, Chu's staff met with representatives of the California Credit Union League to fully understand the impact patent trolls were having on credit unions and the threat they pose to their operations, especially at a time when many credit unions are returning to good financial condition.
Click here to read Chu's full statement entered into the Congressional Record.
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