updated 03/04/14 09:32 AM
allU.S. CU
allU.S. CU announced two new services to increase member experience: allU.S. Mobile Deposit allows members to manage accounts from the convenience of their mobile phone, and eTradeInBins allows members to sell their cars by putting it out to bid to dealers as an alternative to selling via a private party sale or going to the dealership. allU.S. CU also launched a My Savings Goal Pinterest contest where members pin a photo of their savings goals, such as a family vacation. Three lucky winners will be selected at random and will receive a gift card or a certificate of deposit. In staff news, allU.S. CU CEO Patrick Redo was named the newest board member of the First Mayor's House in Salinas. The board partners with local schools to give them the opportunity to learn about Salinas' first Mayor, Isaac Julian and his wife Sarah Mellett Harvey. The house is the only one in Salinas that operates as a museum and cultural heritage center for local school children.
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