updated 03/08/14 08:42 AM
Integrated Online and Banking Solution
CO-OP Financial Services and Alkami Technology, Inc. are banding together on a bundle solution that includes CO-OP Bill Pay and the Alkami ORB Platform. This enables credit unions to offer members a fully-integrated online and mobile banking bill payment solution.
The bundled solution features MemberPay Plus, the premium version of CO-OP Bill Pay, which serves as the processing engine behind the bill pay user interface provided by the Alkami ORB Platform. The result is a digital banking solution with the following features:
  • Designed for touch on smart phones and iPads
  • Content driven, including dashboard, account history, fund transfers, integrated bill pay, savings, and budgeting tools
  • Customizable user interface and content on a per member basis
  • Empowers credit unions to understand and access information about its member base
“The Alkami user interface is an elegant one, and in combination with CO-OP Bill Pay processing, presents a compelling digital banking and bill pay alternative for credit unions,” said Stan Hollen, president and CEO, CO-OP Financial Services. “The fact that we have not only chosen to partner with Alkami, but to invest in the company as well, clearly demonstrates our commitment to this partnership and just how important we think our bundled solution is for credit unions.”
CO-OP Financial Services is also making a minority investment in Alkami to maximize connectivity to emerging product lines and build highly-adaptive applications that serve CO-OP’s credit unions.
For more information on CO-OP, visit www.co-opfs.org.
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