updated 04/07/14 04:09 PM
Download Project Zip Code
Show the power of credit unions in your congressional district to help strengthen the movement and mitigate harmful legislation. How? With Project Zip Code!
Project Zip Code is a software program developed by the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) that counts the number of credit union members across the country, and then matches them by congressional district, state legislative district, and county. The information is combined into a database, providing a clear picture of the industry’s strength.
“Every time credit union advocates meet with their elected officials, the Project Zip Code numbers have an important role to play,” said CUNA Grassroots Manager, Kristen Prather. “Because of Project Zip Code, we are able to go into a congressional office and tell the elected official how many credit union members they represent with very clear numbers. The more credit unions that participate in Project Zip Code, the more accurate our membership counts to members of Congress will be.”
In addition to aiding in federal and state advocacy, Project Zip Code can help credit unions with their operations by allowing them to view members by geographic area, which can be useful in placing ATMs, building a new branch, or target marketing.
Features of Project Zip Code:
  • Easy-to-load software application
  • Free mobile app available
  • Data is safe, secure, and confidential. The only information uploaded to the website is the membership totals per legislative district and county.
To get started, visit www.pzconline.com.
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