updated 09/06/12 03:49 PM
QwickRate Offers Online Walk-Through
The Leagues seek out partnerships with companies that possess a strong track record of service to credit unions. For CD investment services, the Leagues chose QwickRate, a leader in its field that has served credit unions for more than 25 years, and earned a 98 percent customer satisfaction rating.
One of those satisfied clients is Inland Valley FCU CEO Charles Papenfus, who says he highly recommends QwickRate's services after working with them for several years.
"We use their service in two ways: to manage short-term funds (ladder with one- to three-month certificates) to keep balances in our corporate settlement account down and end up with a yield three to four times higher on our liquid assets, and to purchase certificates for our ladder and then occasionally find a fill-in when our ladder is lacking.
"The rates are great, the process is easy, the tracking and reminders and alerts you can set make life so much less complicated. Did I mention I saved the safekeeping report file for our auditors and examiners and gave it to them on a disk instead of retrieving a bunch of files? They also make researching the bank’s financials easy, in case you have parameters in your investment policy.
"We earned enough just in our liquidity management process to pay for our five-year contract long ago," Papenfus says.
The Leagues are providing an easy opportunity to learn more about QwickRate at a webinar on Tuesday, September 25 at 10:30–11:30 a.m. Pacific Time. The webinar will include a complete walk-through of the QwickRate marketplace to show you how rewarding and simple direct investing can be. Sign up at www.qwickrate.com/canv.
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