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$1.3 Million Paid in Marketing Incentives
In California and Nevada, 128 member credit unions started 2013 with checks earned through their participation in the Sprint Credit Union Member Discount Program.
L-R: CEOs Erick Orellana, Nikkei CU; Shannon Workman, Lutheran CU of America; Jon Hernandez, CalCom FCU; Jill Mahany, Santa Ana FCU; Charles Papenfus, Inland Valley FCU; Gregg Stockdale,1st Valley CU; Annice Kim, LA Healthcare FCU; Robert Einstein, UMe CU;Lucy Sloan, United Catholics FCU; Jennifer Oliver, South Bay CU; Bill Birnie, Eagle Comm. CU
For 2012, the participating credit unions earned more than $1.3 million in marketing incentives. Members of those credit unions saved a total of $40 million throughout the term of the program.
In the past few weeks, representatives from the Leagues and CU Solutions Group have delivered Sprint checks in person to several credit unions including Alta Vista CU, Cal Center CU, LBS Financial CU, Operating Engineers FCU, Schools Financial CU, and The Golden 1 CU.
Leagues SVP of Member Solutions Larry Palochik (left), and CU Solutions Group National Business Consultant Bob Bearden (right) deliver a check to Alta Vista CU.
Checks were also delivered to a group of credit union CEOs who were gathered for a Southern California Credit Union Alliance (SCCUA) meeting. Other participating credit unions received their checks by mail.
The Sprint program allows credit unions to offer discounts on Sprint products and services to their members, while earning marketing incentives. While the returns are large, the program is easy to implement and maintain. Credit unions of various asset sizes participate in the program and earn valuable incentives for each year they participate. Credit union members have collectively saved more than $150 million since the program started in 2006.
L-R: LBS Financial CU SVP of Member Services Sean Hardeman, Leagues VP of Credit Union Solutions Tonja Wheatley, and LBS Financial CU President and CEO Jeff Napper
The program offers outstanding benefits such as a 10 percent discount on select regularly priced Sprint monthly service plans (for personal use), a 15 personal discount on most Sprint monthly recurring charges (for business use), waived activation fee on new lines, waived upgrade fee, and more.
To learn more about the Sprint Credit Union Member Discount Program, click here, or contact Candy Sims at 909.212.6016 or candys@ccul.org.
L-R: Leagues Membership Manager Traci Miller Olszowy, The Golden 1 CU SVP of Marketing Scott Ingram, and CU Solutions Group National Business Consultant Bob Bearden
L-R: Leagues Membership Manager Traci Miller Olszowy, Operating Engineers FCU CEO Mike Donohue, CU Solutions Group National Business Consultant Bob Bearden, and Operating Engineers FCU Marketing Manager Francisco Salazar
Cal Center CU President and CEO Linda Pettit
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