updated 01/14/13 01:41 PM
Giveaway Extended Through February
QwickRate and the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues are offering a chance to receive a $25 VISA gift card for learning how to gain more yield.
QwickRate is a proud Business Partner of the Leagues.
If you haven't discovered how to easily earn the highest CD yields available, take a cue from 1,400 credit unions who subscribe to QwickRate—the premier marketplace for non-brokered CDs. These credit unions benefit from the best CD rates in the country, with no rate stripping, broker fee, or third party charges involved. For a limited time, QwickRate will give you $25 to learn how rewarding their service can be.
You can receive a $25 VISA gift card just for seeing how easy it is to invest direct. Simply call QwickRate to schedule an online walk-through of our marketplace. QwickRate is extending their exciting giveaway until the end of February.
Other credit unions that use QwickRate have said:
  • It is simpler (and quicker) than ever to book a CD with a QwickRate financial institution member. The paperwork is all kept on file in QwickRate, so it speeds up the establishment process dramatically. I wire the funds and I’m done. Saves me a ton of time!
  • I’ve found their rates to be some of the most competitive rates in the business.
  • When I need support, they are on it. I also love their live chat option, which allows me to get answers quickly. And I enjoy getting the daily email that gives me the current rate offerings.
QwickRate subscribers typically earn 30 to 40 basis points more per CD investment, compared to top rates listed by SimpliCD and the average corporate. League members also receive a one-time, five-percent discount off subscription pricing plus six complimentary months. To learn how QwickRate can help your credit union--and ensure that you receive a $25 VISA card--schedule your walk-through today by calling 800.285.8626.
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