updated 04/08/13 03:00 PM
Offering Members Additional Savings
OfficeMax Workplace, a leading provider of office supplies, services, and resources, is offering members of the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues a variety of money-saving options to increase workplace procedure visibility and tighten budgets.
Through a strategic partnership, members can leverage OfficeMax to:
  • Simplify supply programs to boost efficiency.
  • Consolidate vendor processes to maintain an effective supply program.
  • Analyze hard and soft costs to curb excessive and unnecessary spending.
  • Increase focus spending to core items with the most strategic organization value.
  • Reshape purchasing behaviors to decrease total cost of ownership.
  • Increase control over the workplace and organizational procedures.
For a limited time only, League members can receive $50 off their $250-or-more phone order from OfficeMax Workplace. Click here to download the coupon now!
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