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CU PolicyPro Simplifies Operations
CU PolicyPro can help your credit union succeed in the changing world of regulatory compliance! In collaboration with InfoSight, you have access to more than 200 customizable policies developed specifically for credit unions by legal and financial regulatory experts.
What is CU PolicyPro?
In short, CU PolicyPro simplifies and streamlines your credit union's operation policies. It is the industry's leading source for model policy content, regulatory compliance guidance, and policy management.
Users can choose from more than 200 model policy templates that can easily be edited and implemented based on your credit union's unique requirements. The policies are fully compliant with National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) regulations.
Additionally, credit unions can inquire about CU PolicyPro Plus, available exclusively through CURoots Services. If your credit union staff doesn't have the time or resources to customize and manage CU PolicyPro policies, inquire about CU PolicyPro Plus! Call 909.214.0959 to learn more.
Why CU PolicyPro?
  • Access 24/7—CU PolicyPro is a web-based platform allowing any authorized staff to securely access policies from any Internet connection.
  • Convenience—Easily add, remove, or customize model policies. Existing credit union policies can also be copied into the system.
  • Easy Publishing—Compile selected policies into a single printable document that can be posted in a read-only format for staff, board members, or examiners to view. The Storage Area allows supplemental electronic documents, such as manuals, to be uploaded and posted for viewing by authorized staff.
  • Up-to-date Policies—Semi-annual updates keep you current with changing laws and regulations.
  • Library Access—Find a running list of archived newsletters and changes in policies to help you manage your policies more effectively.
  • User Security—CU PolicyPro supports multiple users with varying levels of access, from full administrative access to read-only access.
  • Training—Training videos and a written user's guide provide you with step-by-step instruction on how to use all of CU PolicyPro's features.
For more information, contact the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues' Research and Information Hotline at 877-243- 5728.
* Note: A separate identification and password is required to access the Operations Policy Manual for CU PolicyPro.
Please link to the following document: http://ca.leagueinfosight.com/CU_PolicyPro_Registration_37378.html
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