updated 08/22/13 09:30 AM
Tax Advocacy Efforts Heat Up
The Summit Round Table—a body of the 50 largest League-member credit unions in California and Nevada—has pledged to engage at least 5 percent of its credit union members in the Don't Tax My Credit Union campaign by making sure letters are sent to Congress through Connect For The Cause, the Leagues' easy-to-use grassroots website.
This commitment represents a powerful effort to secure participation from hundreds of thousands of credit union members across both states.
"I'm impressed by the level of commitment of these credit unions to the 'Don’t Tax My Credit Union' campaign and their pledge to persuade 5 percent of their membership to send letters to legislators," said Diana Dykstra, president and CEO of the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues. "I encourage all other credit unions, no matter how small or large, to continue to spread the word to their membership on this important campaign to preserve our tax-exempt status."
So far this year, credit union members in California and Nevada have sent 145,000 letters to legislators encouraging them to support the credit union movement's tax-exempt status. Nearly 100,000 of these contacts were sent via Connect For The Cause.
With the August congressional recess coming to an end, the next 10 days are imperative for credit unions to reach out to their members. Credit unions can easily access the tools they need by visiting the Leagues' Don't Tax My Credit Union webpage.
"Remember: Any and all letters that are sent do count," Dykstra said. "We value all of your efforts thus far in this fight."
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