updated 08/30/13 10:03 AM
Support Site Also Launched
CU PolicyPro has released the third content update this year for the CU PolicyPro Operations Manual, which includes three new policies and 26 policy updates, with a new model policy on international remittance transfer requirements taking effect Oct. 28.
The Update Overview lists all of the updated and new policies, and provides a brief overview of what was updated and why.
In addition, CU PolicyPro just launched the CU PolicyPro Support site, which contains useful information to help you with your CU PolicyPro manual. Training videos and frequently-asked-question sheets have been relocated to this support site, and all system documentation, news, content update information, and support contacts are available as well.
What is CU PolicyPro?
In short, CU PolicyPro simplifies and streamlines your credit union's operation policies. It is the industry's leading source for model policy content, regulatory compliance guidance, and policy management.
Users can choose from more than 200 model policy templates that can easily be edited and implemented based on your credit union's unique requirements. The policies are fully compliant with National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) regulations.
Additionally, credit unions can inquire about CU PolicyPro Plus, available exclusively through CURoots Services. If your credit union staff doesn't have the time or resources to customize and manage CU PolicyPro policies, inquire about CU PolicyPro Plus! Call 909.214.0959 to learn more.
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