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Team Mitchell left to right: Myriam Valdez, Legislative Aide, Senator Holly Mitchell (D-Los Angeles), Tim Shelley, Rules Committee Consultant, John Skoglund, Legislative Aide, and Rodney Wilson, Senior Legislative Advocate, California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues.
updated 06/22/16 02:17 PM
Senator Holly Mitchell and her staff accepted this year's Credit Union SacTown Run trophy as the winning legislative office. Team Mitchell represents the victorious team of participating California state legislators and their staff who ran in support of local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (CMN) alongside credit union leaders, volunteers, and employees.

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From the Editors of CU Weekly

updated 09/09/13 01:41 PM
Six CU Leaders Weigh In
Should state-chartered credit unions in California and Nevada be expressly permitted to compensate board members?

Such a question wouldn’t have been taken seriously several years ago, but times have changed.

With the addition of Washington this year, 10 states now allow state-chartered credit unions the authority to pay board members to varying degrees, depending on the state’s provisions, according to the National Association of State Credit Union Supervisors (NASCUS). Some credit unions participate while others do not.

So why the change? The volunteer role of “board director” at both state and federally chartered credit unions has evolved from basic overseer into something more elaborate as credit unions conform to new regulations, according to interviews with several CEOs. Some credit unions are also concerned they’ll have a harder time attracting new board members in the future.

“Regulatory expectations for credit union boards continue to increase as credit union operations grow in complexity,” said Mary Martha Fortney, president and CEO of NASCUS. “However, the issue of whether credit unions should compensate directors is one which the credit union system has not reached consensus.”

The editors of Credit Union Digest asked six state-chartered credit union CEOs for their opinion.

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