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Regulatory Advocacy

Working Together to Reduce Regulatory Burdens
Regulatory Advocacy brings the voice of credit unions to federal and state regulators. Our Regulatory Advocacy staff is committed to establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with regulators to ensure credit unions’ issues and concerns are heard.

The Regulatory Advocacy area keeps you informed of the latest proposed rules and regulations, their potential impact on credit unions, and provides comments to regulatory agencies to help shape regulations and lessen the compliance burden. 


An interactive online tool designed to empower credit unions to participate in the regulatory process.

PowerComment allows you to:

  • Find up-to-date and easily digestible information on proposed compliance rules. This feature provides a summary of pending regulations to help you identify potential operational, financial, and member service impacts of proposed rules.
  • Participate in deeper discussions to increase your understanding of proposed regulatory rules. Ask fellow PowerComment users or League staff questions related to current proposed rules.
  • Write a comment letter to regulators. Convey your thoughts, opinions, and concerns regarding proposed rules. Whether your comments support or oppose a proposed rule – let the regulators know.

Educate yourself on proposed rules and regulations that affect your credit union and take the opportunity to comment! Visit www.powercomment.org to get started today.

From the Editors of CU Weekly

L-R: Sharon Lindeman, VP of regulatory advocacy for the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues; Thomas Pahl, Managing Counsel in the Office of Regulations for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB); Zixta Martinez, Associate Director of External Affairs for the CFPB; and Gail Hillebrand, Associate Director of Consumer Education and Engagement for the CFPB
updated 10/27/14 03:31 PM
Latino Consumers Discussed
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) recently hosted an all-day forum on “Debt Collection and the Latino Community,” which brought together consumer advocates, industry professionals, and regulators to discuss how debt collection issues affect Latino consumers, especially those with limited English proficiency (LEP).

The event was held at Cal State Long Beach. It was intended to inform both the FTC and CFPB on potential rulemaking activities as the agencies consider rules regarding accuracy of information and the type of information that should travel with a debt collection file, ensuring consumers know their debt collection rights, and updating the legal framework to allow for modern technology and guidance for communicating with consumers in Spanish and other languages.

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Archive of Past Comment Letters

The Leagues write letters in response to proposed legislation and regulations that affect your credit union’s ability to serve members.