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Regulatory Advocacy

Working Together to Reduce Regulatory Burdens
Regulation Summary
Agency National Credit Union Administration
Rule Name NCUA Regulatory Review (2015)
Comment Due Date 08/03/15

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The NCUA reviews all of its existing regulations every three years. The NCUA’s Office of General Counsel maintains a rolling review schedule that identifies one-third of NCUA’s existing regulations for review each year and provides notice to the public of those regulations under review so the public may have an opportunity to comment. Attached is a list of regulations the NCUA will review in 2015.

The objective of this review process is to ensure the regulations are clearly articulated and easily understood. While comments are welcome on that aspect, you may also provide comments and suggestions for substantive and material regulatory changes.

The NCUA may review or revise regulations through processes outside this periodic review. In fact, some of the sections included in this regulatory review are already under review. The attached list makes note of this where applicable.

The Leagues encourage you to review the list of regulations under review and provide comment to the NCUA on any of the regulations that need modernization, clarification, or other improvement.