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When technical challenges or complex situations arise at your credit union, turn to the Leagues’ Research & Information (R&I) Department. Our mission is to provide technical, compliance, operational, economic, and regulatory information in an understandable and easily accessible way.
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TIPs Bulletins
The Technical Information Procedure (TIPs) bulletins are great tools to help credit union staff understand recent changes in laws and regulations and how they may affect the credit union. TIPs bulletins address current mandatory compliance issues and changes to federal and state regulations. Continue for complete list of current TIPs Bulletins
October 15, 2014
TIPs Bulletin #14-23 SB 1050—Notaries Public: Verification of Identity: New Boxed Notice Required
October 1, 2014
TIPs Bulletin #14-22 Assembly Bill 2293 – Mandates Baseline Insurance Requirements for Transportation Network Companies
TIPs Bulletin #14-21 California Unclaimed Property Holder Notice Reports Coming Due
TIPs Bulletin #14-20 Assembly Bill 2742 – Revised Model Language for California Consumer Caution and Home Ownership Counseling Notice
September 23, 2014
TIPs Bulletin #14-19 AB-1858 Change to Financing Statement
September 18, 2014
TIPs Bulletin #14-18 Reg Z and Reg M Exemption Threshold Adjustments
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From the Editors of CU Weekly

updated 02/25/13 03:20 PM
What Your CU Should Know
A comprehensive TIPs Bulletin has been posted by the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues' Research and Collaboration Department spotlighting more than 50 legislative updates from 2012 (laws taking effect in 2013).

Click here to view TIPs Bulletin 13-12 on 2012 Legislative Updates.

This bulletin outlines the following topics:

  • Administration—financial institutions; regulatory implementation; and California Gov. Jerry Brown's reorganization plan
  • Civil Procedure—central locations for legal process
  • Collections—bankruptcy debtor exemptions; and fraudulent personal property transfers
  • Employment—employer use of social media; reasonable accommodations regarding discrimination in employment; overtime wages and hours; exempt earnings with regards to wage garnishment; employment and housing discrimination; employment records and the right to inspect; change of term to intellectual disability; electronic wireless communications prohibitions; employee compensation and itemized statements; employment contract requirements; public safety omnibus; unemployment compensation benefits regarding overpayment assessments, termination, and income tax withholding; state government; retirement savings plans; commute benefit policies; San Francisco minimum wage increase; and San Francisco Health Care Security Ordinance Increase
  • Lending—mortgages and deeds of trust in regard to foreclosure; blight and real property; foreclosure and unlawful detainer with regard to tenants; prohibited business practices regarding enforcement; grand jury proceedings with regard to attorney general's powers and duties; deficiency judgments; mortgage loans; foreclosures and residential tenancies; reverse mortgage counseling; required documents in common interest developments; real estate instruments and recording; execution of documents; military service protections and real/personal property rights; service member obligations or liabilities with regard to rate and interest; and the California Pollution Control Financing Authority with regard to the Capital Access Loan Program
  • Lending Regarding Landlords and Tenants—payments; disclosure and notice of default; security deposits; tenant notices; domestic violence regarding permanent restraining orders and elder abuse orders; and personal property remaining on premises after termination of tenancy
  • Money Transmitters—elder or dependent adult financial abuse regarding money transmission agents and training materials
  • Operations—credit union services; consumer credit reports and security freezes; fund transfers; offset payments and controllers; multiple-party accounts; and revocable trusts
  • Vehicle Sales—automobile sales finance with regard to sellers; and dealers, used vehicle sales, and labeling requirements

Other new TIPs Bulletins posted include: 13-13, Summary of the Final Rule to Strengthen Consumer Protections for High-Cost Mortgages (HOEPA), and Other Home counseling Requirements (Regulation Z and Regulation X); 13-14, Final Rule of Copy of Appraisals and Other Written Valuations Under Reg B; and 13-15, New Family and medical leave Act (FMLA) Poster Now Available.

Click here to view TIPs Bulletins 13-13, 13-14, and 13-5.

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updated 10/27/14 03:09 PM
Also, Mortgage Service Transfer Guidance
The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) has issued its SAR Stats quarterly update, which provides information on Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) filed through Sept. 30, 2014.

Click to view the complete story

updated 10/17/14 01:01 PM
Guidance for Mortgage Loan Originators
The Nationwide Mortgage License Servicing and Registry (NMLS) annual renewal period begins Nov. 1 and ends Dec. 31, where mortgage loan originator registrants must renew their registrations annually, according to federal regulations.

Click to view the complete story

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