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Research & Compliance

The answers you need—when you need them!
When technical challenges or complex situations arise at your credit union, turn to the Leagues’ Research & Information (R&I) Department. Our mission is to provide technical, compliance, operational, economic, and regulatory information in an understandable and easily accessible way.
InfoSight CU PolicyPro Rate Map
Credit Union Quarterly Performance Report

A resource for credit unions in CA & NV, providing credit union financial and economic trend analysis, brought to you by your Leagues in partnership with CUNA & Affiliates.

Ask R&I

Answers to your crucial questions can be less than one business day away. Post your question here, and a talented R&I professional will get back to you quickly! Or if you prefer, call the R&I Hotline to speak directly with our knowledgeable consultants. R&I Hotline: 877-243-5728
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TIPs Bulletins
The Technical Information Procedure (TIPs) bulletins are great tools to help credit union staff understand recent changes in laws and regulations and how they may affect the credit union. TIPs bulletins address current mandatory compliance issues and changes to federal and state regulations. Continue for complete list of current TIPs Bulletins
March 25, 2015
TIPs Bulletin #15-06 Foreign Language Translation Forms Revisions
TIPs Bulletin #15-05 NCUA Issues Warning to Consumers about “National Credit Union” Phishing Scam
January 28, 2015
TIPs Bulletin #15-04 2014 Residential Mortgage Loan Report
TIPs Bulletin #15-03 HMDA/LAR Reports
January 16, 2015
TIPs Bulletin #15-02 2015 Information Returns and Disclosures
CURoots Services

Shared Compliance Services
CURoots offers a variety of services to help you keep pace with ever-changing regulatory compliance while you focus on day-to-day credit union business.

Internal Audit Services
CURoots can help your credit union identify potential issues, assess risk, and save valuable time and resources by providing expert assistance for your auditing needs.

From the Editors of CU Weekly

updated 09/23/13 12:50 PM
Webcasts, Reports, and Much More
Take advantage of the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues' Research and Compliance department for high-impact operational, economic, and regulatory resources to help you implement and manage risk, as well as create new opportunities for your credit union.

RateMap New User Webinar
Wednesday, Sept. 25, 2013
10-11 a.m.
Click here to register.

Don’t miss this FREE informational and visual webinar to learn how to get the most out of RateMap—a unique benefit of League membership.

RateMap is a competitive online pricing tool allowing credit unions to monitor and compare a selection of the most commonly offered deposit and loan products and rates in their local area, as well as regionally and nationwide.

League 2013 Staff Compensation Survey
The League 2013 Staff Compensation Survey is now available!

The report incorporates data from 90 credit unions across California to help credit union CEOs and executive staff make informed decisions about compensation, staff turnover, staff benefits, incentives, bonuses, and credit union characteristics.

Member credit unions can purchase the electronic link to the 2013 Credit Union Staff Compensation Survey, along with links to its two supplemental reports, for $299 for member credit unions, with a special discounted price of $129 for Shapiro Group credit unions. To order electronic copies, please contact Carmelita Keller at 800.472.1702, ext. 6027.

Participating CEOs who helped make the survey possible were sent their complimentary web links earlier this month. If your credit union participated and you did not receive a complimentary link, you can contact Carmelita Keller at the phone number listed above.

Credit Union Performance Summary Report
The Second-Quarter Credit Union Performance Summary Report has been published by the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues to assist credit unions in creating a solid financial future for their member-owners. This report offers the latest quarterly financial analysis to help credit unions prepare for the next economic and market performance trends within the industry. Click here to access the Report.

What's inside the Report:

  • Key Performance Comparisons
  • National Economic Summary
  • Comparison of California Versus National Financial Institutions
  • Analysis of California Credit Unions' ROA, Revenue, Loans, Interest Rate Risk, Asset quality, Deposits, Net Worth, Membership, and Number of Credit Unions
  • Consolidated U.S. Credit Union Financial Statement; and U.S. Credit Union Peer Group Performance
  • Consolidated California Credit Union Financial Statement; and California Credit Union Peer Group Performance

D.J.'s Quarterly Webcast
Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2013
11 a.m.
Click here to register.

Register for the quarterly economic outlook webcast featuring Leagues Vice President and Chief Economist Dwight Johnston. The Fed’s Trap session will dive deep into the state of the economy and how decisions by the Federal Reserve will impact your business.

Session description: The recent decision by the Fed to delay any tapering of purchases sent a number of conflicting messages. It believes the economy is improving and has set clear goals for the economy. Yet the Fed is moving the goalposts. The bottom line is the Fed did not taper because they were worried about something. They just didn’t tell us what. The Fed also tacitly admitted that they don’t know how to extricate themselves from the QE policy without driving up interest rates. Please join us for this quarterly web cast. We’ll take a look at what the Fed’s decision really means, and how the long-term outlook for interest rates and the economy will be impacted by this action.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Mortgage Rule Amendments
The CFPB finalized several modifications to its January 2013 mortgage rules in order to help industry comply and to better protect consumers.

Click here for more details on the amendments.

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updated 06/30/15 08:42 AM
Plus, Compliance Hotline
The first-quarter 2015 Credit Union Quarterly Performance Reports for California and Nevada are now available from the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues.

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updated 06/23/15 10:12 AM
Also, Overdrafts Still Regulatory Priority
Five federal regulatory agencies including the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), have approved a final rule that modifies the Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act of 2014 (HFIAA). The final rule applies to loans secured by properties located in special flood hazard areas and implements provisions related to the escrowing of flood insurance payments and the exemption of some detached structures from the mandatory flood insurance purchase requirement. The final rule also implements provisions in the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012 (the Biggert-Waters Act) relating to the force placement of flood insurance.

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D.J.'s Economix
Leagues Chief Economist Dwight Johnston continually provides economic and market analysis that is both informative and entertaining. Continue for daily and monthly commentary, rate forecasts, and economic updates.
Scroll through a variety of practical resources to help with BSA, compensation, compliance, disaster preparedness, regulatory exams, and more.
Comment Letters
The Leagues write letters in response to proposed legislation and regulations that affect your credit union’s ability to serve members.