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When technical challenges or complex situations arise at your credit union, turn to the Leagues’ Research & Information (R&I) Department. Our mission is to provide technical, compliance, operational, economic, and regulatory information in an understandable and easily accessible way.
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A resource for credit unions in CA & NV, providing credit union financial and economic trend analysis, brought to you by your Leagues in partnership with CUNA & Affiliates.

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TIPs Bulletins
The Technical Information Procedure (TIPs) bulletins are great tools to help credit union staff understand recent changes in laws and regulations and how they may affect the credit union. TIPs bulletins address current mandatory compliance issues and changes to federal and state regulations. Continue for complete list of current TIPs Bulletins
January 28, 2015
TIPs Bulletin #15-04 2014 Residential Mortgage Loan Report
TIPs Bulletin #15-03 HMDA/LAR Reports
January 16, 2015
TIPs Bulletin #15-02 2015 Information Returns and Disclosures
January 15, 2015
TIPs Bulletin #15-01 Important Reminder: Limitation on Credit Card / Unsecured Open-end Credit Late Fees (CA Financial Code 4001)
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Shared Compliance Services
CURoots offers a variety of services to help you keep pace with ever-changing regulatory compliance while you focus on day-to-day credit union business.

Internal Audit Services
CURoots can help your credit union identify potential issues, assess risk, and save valuable time and resources by providing expert assistance for your auditing needs.

From the Editors of CU Weekly

updated 03/25/14 09:15 AM
Also, New Liquidity Requirements
Help your credit union keep up with regulatory compliance with CU PolicyPro. In collaboration with InfoSight, CU PolicyPro gives you access to more than 200 customizable policies developed specifically for credit unions by legal and financial regulatory experts.

The templates are easily edited and implemented based on your credit union's unique requirements, and are fully compliant with National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) regulations.

CU PolicyPro features:

  • Access 24/7—CU PolicyPro is a web-based platform allowing any authorized staff to securely access policies from any Internet connection.
  • Convenience—Easily add, remove, or customize model policies. Existing credit union policies can also be copied into the system.
  • Easy Publishing—Compile selected policies into a single printable document that can be posted in a read-only format for staff, board members, or examiners to view. The Storage Area allows supplemental electronic documents, such as manuals, to be uploaded and posted for viewing by authorized staff.
  • Up-to-date Policies—Semi-annual updates keep you current with changing laws and regulations.
  • Library Access—Find a running list of archived newsletters and changes in policies to help you manage your policies more effectively.
  • User Security—CU PolicyPro supports multiple users with varying levels of access, from full administrative access to read-only access.
  • Training—Training videos and a written user's guide provide you with step-by-step instruction on how to use all of CU PolicyPro's features.

And, as a reminder: CU PolicyPro now includes in its suite of templates, policies that address the new Mortgage Servicing Rule and the Ability to Repay Rule which took effect in January. This includes policies that address general requirements and others that address small creditor requirements.

If you haven’t logged into CU PolicyPro to review these new mortgage model policies and the many other model polices that are in CU PolicyPro, take some time to do so by clicking here.

New Liquidity Requirements
New regulatory requirements associated with the National Credit Union Administration’s (NCUA) final rule on Liquidity and Contingency Funding Plans (Part 741.12) become effective on March 31. These new requirements will apply to all federally insured credit unions.

NCUA has released Supervisory Letter 14-03, which provides federally-insured credit unions helpful information regarding the exam process with respect to the new liquidity and contingency funding rules. The supervisory letter accompanies the release of the portion of the AIRES Questionnaire that has been added to cover the new liquidity and contingency funding rules.

In addition, NCUA’s Letter to Credit Unions 13-CU-10 also contained guidance on how to comply with the liquidity and contingency funding rules.

NCUA ‘Listening Session’
The Leagues also encourage credit unions to register for NCUA Chairman Debbie Matz’s June 26 Listening Session in Los Angeles. Due to space constraints, registration is limited to 150 people.

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updated 03/02/15 01:31 PM
Free SBA and NCUA Event
Credit unions interested in getting into Member Business Loans (MBL) are advised to attend the free “Exploring Member Business Loans with SBA Guarantees” training forum in Glendale on March 10.

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updated 02/23/15 03:44 PM
Plus, SBL Resource Center
Credit unions subject to Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) requirements for 2014 activity are reminded to submit Loan/Application Register (LAR) data to the Federal Reserve Bank processing center by the March 2, 2015 deadline.

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Leagues Chief Economist Dwight Johnston continually provides economic and market analysis that is both informative and entertaining. Continue for daily and monthly commentary, rate forecasts, and economic updates.
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The Leagues write letters in response to proposed legislation and regulations that affect your credit union’s ability to serve members.