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Helping Shapiro Group Credit Unions Reach Their Potential
The Shapiro Group utilizes a cooperative effort to pool the resources of the credit union community to help credit unions under $50 million in assets operate efficiently and effectively.
Credit Union Partners for Advocacy Program

What Is Credit Union Partners For Advocacy?
The Credit Union Partners for Advocacy program enables small credit unions to join large credit unions at the annual Government Affairs Conference (GAC). The GAC includes educational sessions, notable speakers, and Legislative visits.

Why Should I Participate In Credit Union Partners For Advocacy?
More than 30 Shapiro CUs were represented at the CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference, and nearly 20 of those received generous sponsorships from participants in the Credit Union Partners for Advocacy program.


Let's make sure that the voice of small credit unions is heard!

Shapiro Listserv

The place for Shapiro sized credit unions to bring their issues to each other, currently an extremely active application.

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Shapiro Credit Union Grants

There are now two methods to submit your grant applications:
submit online
print, then mail or fax Grant Application

Technology Grant
The Shapiro Technology Grant is available to assist Shapiro credit unions purchase up-to-date computers, upgrade existing systems, to buy software and to get connected to the Internet. Maximum allowable benefit is up to $5,000.

Note: Not available to credit unions that received technology grants in 2013.

Advocacy Expense Grant
The Shapiro Group offers up to $2,000 to help Shapiro Group credit unions offset credit union advocacy trip expenses.

Just Ask Grant
The Shapiro Group offers up to $1,000 for products and services that do not fit into any of the other grant categories.

Marketing/Public Awareness Grant
The Shapiro Group offers grants up to $2,500 to Shapiro Group credit unions to help offset costs associated with marketing and public awareness.

Note: The grant amount will cover up to half the costs of the marketing/public awareness expenditure, not to exceed $2,500.

Planning Grant /ALM
The Shapiro Group offers grants up to $2,500 to help Shapiro credit unions with strategic and/or scenario planning session and to help purchase Asset Liability Management software tools.

These guidelines are subject to modification at any time and are contingent upon the availability of funds. Grant requests that fall outside of the guidelines will be submitted for review by the Shapiro Advisory Committee for Grants. The deadline to apply for grants is September 3, 2014, and all receipts must be turned in by December 1, 2014.

  • The maximum annual, individual, credit union grant fundings is limited to $3,500, with the exception of Technology grants for a funding of $5,000 every other year.
  • Credit unions with capital/net worth of less than 12 percent represent the greatest need within the Shapiro Group, therefore, credit unions with capital/net worth equal to or greater than 12 percent are not eligibleto obtain a grant in 2014, without review from the Grant committee. Credit unions with net worth below 7 percent, and therefore under PCA, will also require additional review before approval.
  • Credit unions with an operating expense/gross income ratio greater than 85 percent will require additional review before approval.

By applying for a grant, you agree to make a cash donation of 10 percent of the grant amount funded to the Shapiro Group and agree to provide a statement of benefit upon request.