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From the Editors of CU Weekly

updated 07/18/16 02:29 PM
Meet MasterCard Alert Requirements
MasterCard recently announced a mandate for all U.S. Issuers to provide basic consumer cardholder transaction alerts by Oct. 14, 2016.

Did you know that FIS currently offers options to meet and exceed these transaction alert requirements? Each available solution also provides additional functionality that can help contribute to the success of your card program!

SecurLOCK Equip
SecurLOCK Equip is an existing FIS solution that satisfies MasterCard’s transaction alert mandate, and much more! The SecurLOCK Equip mobile app offers features to cardholders that give them ultimate control—and peace of mind.

Cardholders can customize each card to match its usage profile using the features and preferences below.

Instant transaction alerts--Cardholders can act instantly on real-time transaction alerts and offers. Higher cardholder engagement drives loyalty and increases card usage. Cardholders have the option to configure in-app, email or SMS text alerts.

Switch card on/off--Cardholders can lock or unlock cards with a single touch. Auto-lock turns on a card for a specified time or for a certain number of purchases, locking it afterward. With total control over their cards, cardholders feel truly confident and secure.

Control by location--Cardholders can limit card activity by location, either by keeping cards active only around their person or by limiting card usage to a region on a map. They can also turn on cards for international usage or deny international charges. This way, absence of a cardholder at a merchant location strongly indicates fraud, while the presence of a cardholder is proof positive of a legitimate transaction.

Control preferences--Cardholders can set merchant categories (grocery, retail, gas, travel,etc.), transaction types (ATM transactions, online transactions, recurring charges, etc.) and spend limits. They can personalize preferences according to their unique spending behavior.

Self-service--Cardholders can view available balances, analyze spending and manage transactions, such as tagging, annotating, capturing receipt images and emailing them for reimbursement. Self-service increases cardholder satisfaction while lowering support costs.

FIS Mobile Payment App
Payment innovation is accelerating and device providers appear to be providing the solution, leaving institutions open to disenfranchisement. Card issuers need to have their own mobile payments strategy, and the FIS Mobile Payment App is the turnkey solution to future-proof your mobile strategy!

The FIS Mobile Payment app is currently in development, and will be introduced through a soft launch in Q4 for both iOS and Android, and will satisfy the MasterCard mandated alerts for credit, debit and prepaid cardholders while offering a complete suite of cardholder-controlled parameters AND a mobile payment platform. Broad market release will follow our Q4 soft launch, so watch for more information on availability coming soon!

FIS issuers can elect to offer their cardholder access to an Issuer-branded app or participate in a shared app experience.

For more information about FIS, contact Manager of Credit Union Solutions and Membership at the Leagues, Joyce King, at 909-212-6017 or joycek@ccul.org.