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Credit Union Solutions

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Credit Union Solutions partners with you through a comprehensive range of the finest business solutions at the best value. Whether it is insurance or lending solutions, compliance services, or revenue opportunities, you can rely on us to provide the most cost-effective means to improve member satisfaction to keep you competitive!

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From the Editors of CU Weekly

updated 06/30/15 09:27 AM
Better Loan Experience for Members
Credit unions are known for their exceptional member service. Do more for your members with creative mortgage lending solutions from Community Mortgage Funding (CMF) and increase your originations market share.

CMF is a fully-licensed mortgage company specifically for credit unions that offers services such as loan originations, underwriting, processing, and servicing. It also provides ongoing education and consulting services, such as home-buyer seminars and custom marketing.

CMF implements three business models to accommodate the needs of each credit union:

Sales Builder Track
The Sales Builder Track is designed for credit unions that want to offer their members loan programs without the associated operational costs. This means that CMF performs all of the mortgage functions of the transaction and walks members through the loan process, including loan selection and approval. The credit union can then purchase the loan for their portfolio, or CMF sells the loan to a secondary market investor of its choice.

Relationship Builder Track
The Relationship Builder Track is best suited for credit unions that want to take a more active role in the application process. The credit union takes the member's loan application and serves as the home loan advisor. CMF acts as the loan officer and processor, performing all processing and servicing functions. Like the Sales Builder Track, the credit union purchases the loan for their portfolio, or CMF sells the loan to a secondary market investor of its choice.

Business Builder Track
The Business Builder Track allows credit unions to perform the role of a third-party originator, and generate the lender's fee income by managing all origination and processing functions. CMF provides underwriting, closing, funding, and loan servicing functions.

Click here to learn more about CMF! Or contact Tonja Wheatley, vice president of Credit Union Solutions and Membership, at 909-212-6023 or tonjaw@ccul.org.