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updated 11/20/15 01:31 PM
Free Webinar by VERO
Data breach events are increasing and ways to prepare and protect your credit union and members.

Find out more by attending the VERO Data Breach Preparation webinar on Dec. 9 from 11 a.m. – 12 p.m.

With identity theft, fraud, and online hacking on the rise, now is the time to put in place strong protections for your credit union and your member. According to the FBI, there are two types of organizations–“those who have been hacked and those who do not know they have been hacked.”

Fortunately, in this special cyber security educational webinar, VERO can help prepare you, in just one hour, to:

  • Heighten your awareness and understanding of the identity theft and data breach risks challenging your credit union each and every day.
  • Recognize the specific internal and external data breach threats you may face and take proactive countermeasures against breaches that will contain and minimize any damage.
  • Protect your credit union, your employees, your assets and your members from data breaches, theft, fraud, con artist scams and liability.
  • Take positive, risk mitigating action through a new, low cost, turnkey data breach solution…and potentially generate non-interest income at the same time.

At this webinar, you’ll hear from the following two highly regarded experts in the field of business cyber security James McCabe, senior vice president, ID Theft Services at VERO, and Mark Pribish, vice president, ID Theft Practice Leader at Merchants Information Solutions.

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