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updated 03/04/13 11:00 AM
Webinar Addresses Loans and Risk
Discover a solution that can lift your credit union's loan-to-share ratio and attract new young members during Credit Union Student Choice's upcoming March 12 webinar, "Wanted: More Loans, More Young Members, and Less Risk."

Click here to register, or contact Audrey Casas at 909-212-6015 (audreyc@ccul.org)

Offering a loan that simultaneously delivers affordability to the member and positive returns to the credit union bottom line is always viewed as a success. But what if you could also gain members between the ages of 18-24—a segment highly coveted by all credit unions?

Private student loans are a long-term relationship and much-needed product for millions of young adults and families—a market that remains ripe with opportunity. To successfully enter this market, credit unions have a unique opportunity to redefine value in private student lending, while also meeting important business goals, including:

  • Growing and diversifying lending portfolios.
  • Building life-long relationships with Gen Y members
  • Mitigating loan risk while profitably serving member needs at a time of urgent need for parents and students

The host will be Jim Holt, vice president of sales operations for Credit Union Student Choice. Holt brings more than 20 years of student lending experience to Credit Union Student Choice and serves as the main point of contact for credit unions interested in learning more about the Student Choice program.