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From the Editors of CU Weekly

updated 05/30/13 09:46 AM
Provides Check Products, Marketing Solutions
The California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues recently renewed its partnership with Harland Clarke for its member credit unions in the two states.

In addition to checks and related products, Harland Clarke also will offer League members a suite of comprehensive marketing solutions. The latter includes Harland Clarke’s Shopper AlertTM and Card@Once®.

Shopper Alert notifies a credit union when a member is shopping for a new loan, allowing the credit union to offer a credit-screened, pre-approved loan by phone, mail or email. The Shopper Alert service also eliminates account holders who do not qualify based on a credit union’s underwriting criteria. Harland Clarke’s popular Card@Once product enables credit union staff to produce and distribute onsite, personalized and fully functioning cards to members, allowing immediate activation and engagement.

“We renewed our partnership with Harland Clarke because of its reputation as a best-in-class provider continues to make it the best option to help our member credit unions strengthen relationships with their members while at the same time controlling costs, and increase marketing ROI,” said Leagues Vice President of Credit Union Solutions Tonja Wheatley.

“We are excited to deepen our relationship with the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues and support the growth of its members,” said Harland Clarke Executive Director Sales Operations Jerry Austin. “In addition to checks, we are confident that Harland Clarke’s Shopper Alert and Card@Once solutions will prove beneficial to the Leagues’ members.”