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Credit Union Solutions

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Credit Union Solutions partners with you through a comprehensive range of the finest business solutions at the best value. Whether it is insurance or lending solutions, compliance services, or revenue opportunities, you can rely on us to provide the most cost-effective means to improve member satisfaction to keep you competitive!

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From the Editors of CU Weekly

updated 07/15/13 11:13 AM
Free Informational Webinar
Increase loan volume and revenue at your credit union with Invest in America!

Join Bob Bearden, national business consultant with Invest in America, on Aug. 20 from 1:30-2:30 p.m. for a complimentary informational webinar on Invest in America’s FREE valuable programs. Learn how you can take advantage of annual marketing incentives and greater member benefits to boost transactions and revenue at your credit union.

Now more than ever, Invest in America is offering greater and more relevant consumer product discounts to credit union members! Created for credit unions to promote and support not only their own products and services, but also those offered by collaborative American-based companies such as Sprint and General Motors, Invest in America has saved credit union members more than $716 million since its inception.

Specific programs to be covered during the webinar:

Sprint Credit Union Discount and Marketing Incentive Program
Learn how you can add value to your credit union membership, share in annual marketing incentives, and support the movement by participating in the Sprint Credit Union Discount Program.

Credit union members nationwide have saved more than $290 million with over 1.1 million activations. Last year, California and Nevada credit unions earned in excess of $1.3 million in marketing incentives by simply making their members aware of Sprint's Credit Union Discount Program.

GM Credit Union Member Discount
Help members save on vehicle purchases and increase your auto loan volume with Invest in America's GM Credit Union Member Discount program. To date, the program has helped sell more than 520,000 vehicles across the country, in addition to increasing credit union auto loan opportunities by combining auto loan rate incentives with the discounted vehicle program.

Registration is FREE! Contact Candy Sims at 909.212.6016, or candys@ccul.org.

Who should attend? CEOs, managers, marketing staff, lending staff, and any other credit union staff who are interested in learning about member enhancements offered by Invest in America.