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updated 08/12/13 03:13 PM
Harland Clarke Offers Solution
Strengthen your member relationships and increase revenue with Harland Clarke's Card@Once—a comprehensive solution for secure card issuance.

With Card@Once, your credit union can create and issue fully-functioning, personalized cards from the convenience of your branch so your members do not have to wait days for their new or replacement cards. Instead, they will receive the card in less than two minutes. Other benefits include:

Enhanced customer service—Credit union members leave your branch with the card, giving them instant access to their funds and you the opportunity to generate more revenue per card.

Better security—Because the card is placed directly in the hands of your members, cards or PIN numbers won’t get lost in the mail or stolen out of mailboxes.

Increased activation and utilization—Only about half of mailed cards are eventually activated. Card@Once eliminates this problem entirely.

Affordable processing costs—Card@Once is web-based which means you do not have to purchase software, a dedicated server, or technology management. Your staff can simply plug in the printer, and it's ready to go.

Reduced expenses—Save on delivery and fulfillment costs required for sending the cards.

Card@Once is easy and quick, requiring staff members simply to log in to a secure website and enter the card order data which is then transmitted to a secure processing center. The data is encrypted and immediately sent back to the branch’s Card@Once printer. The printer decrypts the message and prints the card.

The printer holds up to 100 cards and can use preprinted card stock or print customized, full-color designs. Card@Once's web application provides comprehensive reporting capabilities to research the day’s printing history, generate reports, and manage user roles.

For credit unions that don’t have the ability to create a PIN offset, an optional iPad PIN solution enables cardholders to generate a PIN in the branch.

For more information about Card@Once, visit harlandclarke.com/cardatonce.