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From the Editors of CU Weekly

updated 02/04/14 09:03 AM
Harland Clarke Offers Resources
Retail data breaches, including the recent Target event, have prompted many credit unions to institute a proactive communications plan of how to approach and respond to members in a time of crisis.

Harland Clarke, a leading provider of integrated payment solutions and marketing services, offers tools and resources to help make a credit union's strategic communication plan effective and painless.

Regardless of whether the credit union executes a mass reissue to an issue or takes a more conservative approach, Harland Clarke can assist with the following channels:

  • Outbound calls to members: Communicate with account holders to address questions and notify them of action steps the credit union is taking regarding.
  • Email messaging: Utilize digital communication to reach members more effectively.
  • Direct mail: Get the message to account holders via a print piece that will be opened and read.

For more information about how Harland Clarke can help mitigate a crisis, contact Karen at Alvarez at karen.alvarez@harlandclarke.com.