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From the Editors of CU Weekly

updated 02/21/14 01:22 PM
'CUMoney Everyday Spend' by LSC
Everyone could use a little extra cash, and your credit union can offer a safe and convenient way for members to save money this year.

LSC’s 'CUMONEY Everyday Spend' is a reloadable, general purpose prepaid card that limits spending to the amount loaded on the card—allowing members to stay and spend within a specific budget. Cards are personalized and embossed, and mailed directly to members. Implementation takes approximately 45 days.

Features of Everyday Spend:

  • Budgeting tool—helps members establish and maintain their spending limits.
  • Flexible—accepted at all Visa merchants and ATMs.
  • Interest-free—reduces the potential for poor credit ratings.

LSC assumes all the fraud risk associated with the program. There is no credit union liability and no credit union fraud exposure. Free marketing tools are also available for your credit union’s use. For more information, contact Leagues Manager of Credit Union Solutions and Membership, Joyce King, at 909-212-6017 or joycek@ccul.org.