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From the Editors of CU Weekly

updated 04/15/14 09:44 AM
Program Feeds Hungry Families
MOGL, the fastest-growing restaurant rewards program on the West Coast, is hooking up credit union members with cash for simply dining out at their favorite restaurants, all the while donating meals to families in need.

Working alongside the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues, nearly 15 member credit unions have or are preparing to incorporate MOGL into their member benefit package—donating more than 12,200 meals year to date.

MOGL has close to 2,000 restaurants enrolled, and seamlessly offers 10 percent cash-back to members every time they use their credit union-registered debit or credit card at a participating restaurant. If their transactions are more than $20, a meal will be donated to a community food bank via Feeding America. In addition, members can choose to donate some or all of their earned cash back to the local food bank.

The program does not require coupons, punch cards, or check-ins, and is a simple way for credit unions to build member loyalty, while adding to the greater social good.

To learn more, visit www.MOGL.com or contact Manager of Credit Union Solutions and Membership at the Leagues, Joyce King, at 909-212-6017 or joycek@ccul.org.