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From the Editors of CU Weekly

updated 05/14/14 10:36 AM
Sprint App Now Available
Did you know drivers who use handheld devices while driving are four times more likely to get into crashes serious enough to injure themselves?

Distracted driving is at an all-time high. Protect your members by making them aware of Sprint Drive First, a free Sprint app that holds texts and calls while driving. The program automatically activates when the car is in motion—but can be overridden for emergency 911 calls.

Sprint Drive First also offers:

  • Auto Reply—users can send preprogrammed auto-replies for incoming texts.
  • Allowed Applications—drivers can selectively allow apps that are relevant like maps and music.
  • Allowed Contacts—users can designate phone numbers that never get blocked.
  • Custom Notifications—account holder can choose to be notified when Sprint Drive First is overridden.

Don’t forget to take advantage of additional Sprint offers via the Sprint Credit Union Member Discount program, including discounted monthly service plans and special offers on devices.

Offered by Invest in America, the Sprint program has not only helped credit union members save, but has earned participating credit union valuable marketing incentive dollars.

Visit LoveMyCreditUnion.org to learn how you can create incentives for your members!