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Credit Union Solutions

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Compliance Services

ComplySight is a complete compliance management and tracking solution, provides visibility, tracking, measuring, and reporting for compliance activities allowing credit unions to address compliance initiatives through a single application, assisting in the organization’s overall communication, supporting a state of continual readiness for audits, and providing regulatory updates essential to maintaining credit union compliance.

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CURoots Services
CURoots offers a variety of services, including shared compliance and internal audit services to help you keep pace with ever-changing regulatory compliance while you focus on day-to-day credit union business. With our internal audit services, CURoots can help your credit union identify potential issues, assess risk, and save valuable time and resources by providing expert assistance for your auditing needs.

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Research & Information Services
When technical challenges or complex situations arise at your credit union, turn to the Leagues’ Research & Information (R&I) Department. Our mission is to provide technical, compliance, operational, economic, and regulatory information in an understandable and easily accessible way.

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Moore Brewer Wolfe Jones Tyler & North
The Law Offices of Thomas H. Wolfe, PC have combined forces with the renowned credit union law firm Moore Brewer Jones Tyler & North, making it one of the country's largest credit union law firms. The firm offers a broad array of credit union-specific legal services, including bankruptcy, collections, compliance, governance, contracts, intellectual property, employment law services, as well as compliance-assured credit union forms.

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  • Operational Forms

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Your CU Store
Your CU Store is a one-stop online resource providing stock and customized disclosures, deposit, and lending forms at affordable prices. All Your CU Store forms are easy to use, easy to understand, and compliance-protected by the law firm Moore Brewer Wolfe Jones Tyler & North. Spanish translation services are available.

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From the Editors of CU Weekly

updated 03/18/13 03:29 PM
CUs’ Premier Leadership Agency
California and Nevada credit unions are increasingly looking to O’Rourke & Associates for their leadership and staffing needs. Headquartered in San Francisco, O’Rourke & Associates is today’s leading executive search and consulting services provider, exclusively for credit unions.

The firm specializes in C-level and executive recruitment, compensation and retention analysis, and succession planning and leadership assessment.

The success of O’Rourke & Associates is built on its deep understanding of the credit union movement and the various nuances that shape the industry. Working closely with the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues, all members are encouraged to consider the following questions when assessing their recruitment structure:

  • What are your recruitment needs? O’Rourke & Associates offers a comprehensive organization assessment to determine a credit union’s specific recruitment needs, followed by a customized search to ensure only the most-qualified candidates are selected.
  • How do you retain talent? Retaining quality leaders is a challenge for many credit unions. However, O’Rourke & Associates’ detailed retention analysis explores the various elements and considerations that influence a credit union’s ongoing recruitment and retention success. Based on analysis results, a list of supporting recommendations and strategies are provided.
  • Is your compensation structure competitive? O’Rourke & Associates takes a consultative approach to understanding a credit union’s compensation philosophy and carefully compares the existing structure with survey data to determine compensation competitiveness and relevance. Valuable feedback and suggestions are offered after each assessment.
  • Is your credit union prepared for a leadership transition? Given the state of the economy, some employers are finding their employee pool in flux, and many are unprepared for a change in leadership. O’Rourke & Associates helps credit union executives determine the leadership capabilities of the existing management team and identify which individuals are the best candidates as the credit union’s future leader. O’Rourke & Associates then further offers an action plan to position the selected team members for expanded roles and responsibility.

Let O’Rourke & Associates be your provider of leadership, retention, rehiring, and executive placement.

For more information and list of services, please visit www.orourkeconsult.com