Credit Union SacTown Run Newsletter - December 2019

Once again, we want to thank all the credit unions and business partners throughout California and Nevada, who helped raised more than $210,000 for the 11 Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals in both states in the 2019 Run!

As we gear up for the 2020 Credit Union SacTown Run on April 5, 2020, we invite you to check out the following important information on next year’s event as well as a few spotlights on the great things your sponsorships are providing!





Sariah is a young teenager who suffered from seizures her whole life as a result of Sturge-Weber syndrome. As a baby, Sariah’s brain had not developed normally. Since the right side of her brain wasn’t functioning properly, Sariah’s brain started reorganizing itself, ultimately beginning to transfer certain functions to other areas of the brain. This ability, known as neuroplasticity, led to Sariah’s left side of her brain taking over normal functions, leaving the right side of her brain purposeless and merely causing seizures and interrupting the left side of the brain.

On November 2, 2018, Sariah underwent a six-hour hemispherectomy at Valley Children’s Healthcare in Madera, CA, a procedure in which surgeons disconnected the right side of her brain to cure her of the seizures. This allowed the left side of the brain to completely take over. Thanks to the neuroscience team at Valley Children’s, Sariah is now living seizure free.

For more information on Sariah, click here.


CMN funds has helped Rady Children's Hospital ensure a unique healing enviroment to assist in the healing and therapy process that will ultimately has led to better lives for the children it serves.


Rady Children’s Hospital Foundation Director of Philanthropy Carly Rickard noted the money raised by Credit Unions for Kids for Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego has contributed to:

Support life-saving technology and research, which benefited more than 237,000 kids last year! Services range from helping kids battle cancer to healing kids from a traumatic injury.

Provide a safety net for children with little or no private medical insurance. Children come to Rady Children’s every day in desperate need of treatment, but their families do not have the means to pay for the costs. You help to make sure these kids get the care they need.

Ensure a unique environment to assist in the healing and therapy process that will ultimately lead to better lives for the children we serve. Our buildings are designed with kids in mind, with things like, gardens, playrooms, toy rooms, art therapy, and bedside visits from canine volunteers.




Your sponsorship directly helps those most vulnerable among us—our kids—right here in California and Nevada. We hope hospitals like Rady and kids like Sariah can count on you as a sponsor this year.

To sign on as a 2020 CU SacTown Run credit union sponsor or business partner, please email Deanne Figueras as

If you would like more information, please contact Deanne Figueras at 909-212-6025, or John Pamer at 925-771-5602,



The run’s host hotel is the Sheraton Grand Sacramento, located at 1230 J Street, across the street from the Convention Center and just three blocks from the finish line.  For more information, click here



Last year's winning credit union team: Bay FCU BeFit


10-Mile Run—$49; Homemade Half Add-on: $39

5K Run—$35; Homemade Half Add-on: $55

There are Credit Union and “Political Animal” (for legislators and staff), team competitions, and the Miracle Mile for all ages!

Team Competitions are open for 3-Person teams participating in the 5K.  The first team member to register assigns team name. Subsequent members enter team name to join the team. The winning score is the team with the lowest combined time (sum of all three runners 5K times). 

Miracle Mile—open to all ages! Free for kids age 12 and under until April 3; $10 on April 4 and 5; adults—$10 until April 3; $15 on April 4 and 5

Click here to register.


Antioch Community FCU CEO Anna Tellez was among the many credit union volunteers at last year's event.


Volunteers are needed to assist for the 2020 event.  Those interested may contact Dawn Irvine at



 California and Nevada credit unions—and business sponsors—we’d love to spotlight your teams as well as outstanding individuals too! Please send information and photos to League Media Relations Specialist Tina Ramos-Ingold at


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