Your Economy - Your Credit Union

Thursday, June 13, 2019 | Ontario, CA

Get ahead of the curve as you prepare for strategic planning season! “Your Economy—Your Credit Union” will equip credit unions for navigating the continued economic expansion of California and Nevada in 2019 – 2020, as well as some unpredictable long-term challenges and opportunities.

Credit union CEOs, CFOs, COO, SVPs, VPs and perhaps others (depending on the credit union) are encouraged to attend this ongoing discussion about the economy’s future changes and its relevance on leaders as they guide their credit unions into unknown territory, including discussion and research on:

  • A recession is coming - or is it? Possible timing, how deep, and how it might "look"
  • CU members: employed, running on tax cuts, and borrowing. Now what?
  • Auto sales, consumer direction, household debt, and 2020
  • Are CA and NV prepared to slow down? Leading indicators, job market trends, wages, housing market fundamentals, and inflation
  • Moving east, north, and everywhere: what California's out-migration patterns mean
  • CU members' reactions to wildfires, natural disasters, tragedies, housing options and rebuilding
  • Political tension and priorities of state and federal policies--and ramifications for your CU
  • Interest rate movement or marketing spin? The Federal Reserve's posturing in an era of global financial market jitters

Speakers include:

EylerRobert18 2

Dr. Robert Eyler — Economist at Sonoma State University and director of the university’s Center for Regional Economic Analysis. Eyler is also a board member of Redwood Credit Union and specializes in macroeconomic, monetary, and banking policy. He is president of Economic Forensics and Analytics, author of two books and several articles, and is routinely used as an expert witness in research.

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