Open Your Eyes To A Credit Union

“Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union” is an industry-wide initiative to educate a new generation of consumers. Backed by local credit unions, state leagues, and the Credit Union National Association (CUNA), the initiative aims to increase consideration of credit unions, show the potential of working with a credit union, and combat common misconceptions linked to eligibility and accessibility of money.

“Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union” allows credit unions to work together to tell a compelling story about the entire movement and why credit unions are America’s most trusted financial partner:

Inspirational: Credit unions are a smarter choice than other financial institutions—they are trusted partners who know how to turn financial goals into amazing outcomes.

Down-to-Earth: Credit unions are more human-centric than other financial institutions. They are focused on achieving more together, not making huge profits for shareholders. They are down-to-earth and understand their members because they have more personal relationships with them.

Modern: Being down-to-earth doesn’t mean credit unions are old-fashioned. They are modern-day financial experts who understand that members require modern solutions. That’s why they combine the best in people-centric service with the latest technologies. The result? People-focused, modern financial services that create outstanding results for members.

Beneficial: Thanks to credit unions’ unique business models, everything they make goes back to their member-owners. From higher rates on your savings, to lower rates on loans and honest insightful advice, credit unions give you greater control over your future.

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