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The Shapiro Group Network (formerly Shapiro Listserv) is a dynamic online community exclusively for credit union League members under $233 million in assets* (Shapiro credit unions) where they can safely share thoughts and resources, express ideas, and ask questions within their peer group.

Click here to visit the Shapiro Group Network on the Hub.

To sign up for the Shapiro Group Network, please send your request to Deanne Figueras.

*Effective Q3 2023 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Shapiro Group Network work?
The Shapiro Group Network exists on The Hub, the Leagues’ next generation online communication platform for Leagues members and affiliates. Only credit unions that qualify as a Shapiro credit union are granted access to the Shapiro Group Network.

Just like the Shapiro ListServ, you can post or direct reply to a message in the Network, which is visible to all subscribers. Unlike the Shapiro ListServ, you can also control the frequency of message notifications to instant, hourly, daily, or weekly.

How do I access the Shapiro Network?

  • If you haven’t already, contact Deanne Figueras for access.
  • Once access is granted, visit The Hub at and simply use your League login credentials.
  • Update your profile, if necessary.
  • Go to the Shapiro Group Network and join the discussion!

Note: you must be a Shapiro Group Network subscriber before you can post a message on the Shapiro Group discussion board.

How do I leave Shapiro Group Network?
If you want to leave the Shapiro Group Network, simply click the button in the network that says ‘Leave Network.’

What if I accidentally post a message to the discussion board? Can I edit or delete my message?
Yes, you can edit or delete your posted messages. However, we cannot guarantee that the message will not be seen by a Network user.

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