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The Shapiro Listserv is an active electronic mailing list designed as a safe space where credit union League Members under $204.9 million in assets (Shapiro credit unions) can share their thoughts, ideas, ask questions of each other and know that the conversation stays within the Listserv.

To sign up for the Shapiro Listserv, please send your request to Deanne Figueras (see below).

How does the Shapiro Group Listserv work?
The listserv is an electronic mailing list that is made up of email addresses provided by you. When you post a message to the Shapiro listserv it is delivered to ALL of the subscribers on the list. When you reply to a message from the Shapiro Group listserv your reply is also delivered to ALL of the subscribers on the list.

What is the email address for the Shapiro Group Listserv?
Note: you must be a Shapiro Group listserv subscriber before you can post a message on the Shapiro Group listserv.

How do I remove my name from the Shapiro Group Listserv?
To remove yourself from the Shapiro Group listserv simply click on the “unsubscribe link” that is included in the “footer” of every message you receive from the list.

What if I accidentally post a message to the listserv? Can i get it back before it reaches everyone?

No. All messages that are correctly addressed will be posted to the listserv; you cannot retrieve them.

Shapiro Listserv Rules and Guidelines

  • When replying to a message remember that an email will be sent to everyone in the group. If you really only want to reply to the sender of the message, then hit forward, check to make sure the Send address is only the individual you would like to reply to, and send the message to the individual who posted rather than to everyone in the group. On occasion, people will ask you to email them directly.
  • Always put your name and email address at the end of your Shapiro Group listserv messages so that people can send you private responses.
  • Remember that most of your fellow listserv subscribers get lots of email, every day, and would probably appreciate not receiving more email with responses like, “me too,” or “no,” or “I agree…” In addition, the listserv arena is not the place for certain activities like soliciting votes or money. While politics and finances are a large and important part of business many of your fellow listserv subscribers do not welcome political or monetary requests, so please be respectful of your peers. The listserv administrator does hold the right to remove individuals who abuse the listserv in any way.
  • Please refrain from any discussion pertaining to rates, fees, or any discussion that could potentially be construed by a third party as “price fixing” or anti-competitive behavior, may appear to circumvent any rule, law, order or the such issued by an authorized agency, legal or regulatory body. As a trade association that regularly brings industry participants together in forums such as the Shapiro Group listserv, the law places a higher burden on us to ensure that such activities do not take place. As your League, it is our desire to protect our member credit unions as well as ourselves from even the appearance of impropriety, and to ensure the continuation of cooperative forums such as this.

If you have any questions about the Shapiro Listserv, please contact Deanne.

Deanne Figueras


Manager, Small Credit Union Support

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