Ontario, California (February 26, 2024): Diana Dykstra, President and CEO of the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues, announced today she plans to retire this year after more than four decades of financial services leadership.

Never one to do things as “they’ve always been done,” Dykstra’s constant challenge of the status quo earned her accolades throughout her career. Among other honors, she was one of the first inductees into the Credit Union Museum’s “Credit Union Women Making History: Herstory” exhibit in 2022, was awarded the National Credit Union Foundation’s Herb Wegner Memorial Award in 2019 in recognition for her lifetime of service and received the American Association of Credit Union Leagues’ (AACUL) Eagle Award in 2014 – the highest possible honor for League service. Dykstra’s retirement date is set for July 1, 2024.

“The past 40-plus years have been an incredible journey. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to guide and collaborate with remarkable individuals, united by what I consider to be one of the most meaningful motivations,” said Dykstra. “This industry changes lives, and while I will soon mark the end of my tenure as CEO, it is only the beginning of a new journey filled with gratitude, pride, and the excitement for what lies ahead for me personally and for credit unions.”

Dykstra has served in the top post at California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues for 14 years. Prior to her tenure there, Dykstra served as President and CEO of San Francisco Fire Credit Union, President and CEO of CoastHills Federal Credit Union, senior vice president at Patelco Credit Union, and senior vice president at Golden 1 Credit Union.

“Diana’s leadership has been an inspiration to so many in the credit union industry,” said Jennifer Denoo, President and CEO of Great Basin Federal Credit Union and Nevada Credit Union League Board Chair. “Her legacy embodies the values, principles, and accomplishments that will continue to guide us for years to come.”

During Dykstra’s time at Golden 1, she led the team that developed the prototype of the Credit Union Direct Lending (CUDL) program. Now named Origence, the program has grown to position credit unions as the nation’s largest auto lenders.

“No one can deny the indelible mark Diana has had on credit unions in California, and that impact has carried forward to many areas of the credit union industry across the country,” said Geri LaChance, President and CEO at SESLOC Federal Credit Union and California Credit Union League Board Chair. “She has been a true visionary, willing to make innovative moves to enhance revenue and efficiency. These innovations have been consistently evidenced from her early days at Golden 1 forming the nucleus of what would become a major national auto lender in CUDL.”

Dykstra’s career accomplishments are only matched by her service record. She currently is the Board Chair of the World Council of Credit Unions. She is also the President of Western CUNA Management School, executive managing partner of Humanidei (an LLC of O’Rourke & Associates), serves on the boards of CUNA Strategic Services, Global Women’s Leadership Network, ViClarity, Plexcity – a cooperative business for credit unions, trade associations, and member credit union leagues. She is also past chair of the AACUL.

“Diana has been a tireless champion of credit unions, advocating to promote growth, sustainability, and relevance for the industry,” said Bill Cheney, President and CEO of SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union and former President and CEO of Credit Union National Association and California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues. “Diana’s commitment is not merely professional; it’s deeply personal. We are continuously grateful for the enduring mark she has imprinted on this industry.”

California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues
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Karla Davis
Vice President of Communications and Marketing
California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues

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