Get Back to Marketing with GSTV


A great deal of advertising has shifted online as people hunkered down at home. Yet essential businesses remained open, including gas stations and the convenience stores attached to them. GSTV—which broadcasts advertising and content at the pump—found that messaging on the platform’s 24,000 locations became essential communication. Gas Station TV (GSTV) reaches one-third of American adults each month and counts Nielsen, Comscore, IRI, Placed and others as data partners.

As states start opening up and the weather warms, Americans are hitting the road again. Behaviors have shifted, though – and the personal vehicle is now more important than ever. You can engage them at the start of their journey, with GSTV. 


“We’ve always been 3-5 minutes of someone’s day running errands,” said Sean McCaffrey, GSTV president and CEO. “We realized that those errands were more important because people were stocking up or are essential workers. At a minimum, people want something informational and, at best, something a little entertaining.” added McCaffrey.

Credit unions can take advantage of the natural access GSTV has to their audience. Auto loans may be especially timely, since 1 IN 3 US CONSUMERS ARE CONSIDERING BUYING A CAR IN 2020 according to the Capegemini Research Institute.

No matter your message, GSTV gives you an opportunity to reach engaged audiences near your targeted branches. Running a GSTV promo is an extremely cost-effective way to drive local awareness, and as a credit union, you also enjoy an exclusive discount from GSTV. 

If you are interested in learning more about GSTV, please contact Tonja Wheatley.