How One CU Turned High-Risk into High-Engagement


OnPoint Community CU sought help converting its loyal online banking users to a new online banking platform. OnPoint Community CU's biggest priority was to deliver on its brand promise of providing extraordinary experiences and value to the community it serves. OnPoint Community CU knew it would need help, so it sought the right supplier to provide a strong client-focus with experience in adapting to the credit union’s existing operations and culture.

The credit union chose Harland Clarke because of the company's expertise in running hundreds of conversions for financial institutions of all sizes, as well as its ability to deliver a delightful conversion experience serving as an extension of the institution’s brand. 

As a knowledgeable and trusted supplier to OnPoint Community CU's second conversion, Harland Clarke helped the institution successfully convert roughly 67 percent of its 152,000 online banking users to the new online banking platform.

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Article provided by Harland Clarke.