CU Awareness Initiative to Launch Statewide in California

Open Your Eyes campaign art

The credit union movement’s Open Your Eyes Awareness Initiative (OYE) launched statewide in California on July 1!

After a “refresh” due to health, economic, and societal changes over the past few months, the campaign will be introduced for the first time in Northern California and re-launched in Southern California as well. Organizers realize that lifestyle and financial habits have been altered due to the Coronavirus pandemic and are responding by tailoring consumer content appropriately.

The campaign — which is analyzed and fine-tuned for the best ongoing results — will be implemented within the greater vicinities of most of the following communities depending on the monthly results and strategic direction: San Francisco, Sacramento, San Jose, southeast of San Jose, Santa Rosa, Eureka, San Luis Obispo, Concord, and Sacramento. Northern California had always been part of the campaign’s next-phase plans for 2020.

The Southern California leg has not been carried out in full force since early March as the COVID-19 crisis started impacting communities. OYE launched in the Los Angeles/Orange County region in October of 2019, experiencing impressive results and engagement from local consumers over five months.

Organic Social Media: ‘YourMoneyFurther’
Credit unions can utilize the fully customizable content available in Contributor HQ in their own organic social media channels. The more credit unions start using the awareness campaign’s co-branded marketing/advertising creative pieces, the easier it will be for consumers to recognize the trusted, unified “Open Your Eyes” trademark.

Credit union marketers can also get involved by becoming part of the Your Money Further (YM-F) group on Facebook, or the @moneyfurther community on Twitter.

Breaking Down Barriers and Perceptions
The highly targeted OYE campaign is looking to bring unaided, top-of-mind awareness. Its goal is to positively engage consumers within specific age ranges when they are active in social media on the internet.

So far, credit unions in well over 20 states are participating in the campaign, reducing the perception that consumers cannot join, putting credit unions at the forefront of their consideration, and creating opportunities to grow membership.

You can visit CUNA’s Awareness Initiative webpage to learn about the research behind the campaign, track national results, and read contributor testimonials. 2020 is still a pivotal year in the industry’s efforts to raise the awareness of more local California consumers about how credit unions are different.

OYE Timeline Goals
Before COVID-19 hit the economy, the campaign’s goal was to launch in 35 states by year-end 2020. This has been recast to be more in line with the current environment.

Organizers are setting their sights on mid-2020 to 2021, with three states launching for the first time from June to September (in addition to Northern California) and six additional states scheduled to launch in early 2021.

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