CA Legislature Delays As League Engages in New Legislation

California capitol

On Monday, July 6, the California Assembly announced it was postponing its return from summer recess after several legislators and staffers tested positive for the Coronavirus. Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon informed members they would not be coming back to the capitol in Sacramento on July 13 as originally planned. There is no scheduled return date yet.

The move was made after Assemblymember Autumn Burke confirmed on Twitter that she tested positive for the virus on the morning of July 4. Meanwhile, it has been reported that the Assembly has a total of five confirmed cases. The Assembly is not identifying if the five confirmed cases are lawmakers or staffers.

Subsequently, the Senate issued a memo stating it will need to adjust its committee schedule to account for the change, while also conveying it is working with Assembly leadership and will provide an updated schedule when it is available.

After the defeat of Assembly Bill 2501, the California Credit Union League is currently engaged on multiple other pieces of legislation in order to protect credit unions. There is an attempt to place a moratorium on foreclosures until Jan. 1, 2022, as well as another public bank bill. This time, the public bank bill would turn the state’s IBank (Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank) into a depository institution. Please be ready to engage your lawmakers.

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